Born on October 19, 1961, I began my career, according to my mother, in the crib.  She used to speak of how I would wake her in the morning with singing from my crib, instead of crying.


Entertaining feeds my spirit, and singing, is my passion and joy.


I have performed at parties, memorial services and many other venues where there was a need for the soothing vibes, and magic of the music I bring.  I was even privileged, in June of 2011, to perform at the Las Vegas Harris’s Casino piano bar after winning first place in a national karaoke contest.


I am versed in many genres of music including, but not limited to, country, jazz, rock, soul, and rhythm and blues.


My love of music is evident in my expressive interpretation of every song I sing. I believe that music is like medicine; the only side effects being smiles, tears or laughter; bringing back fond memories, and easing old pains.

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